Products & Services

Cyber Security Solutions & Consultancy
The challenges posed by cyber threats are greater now than ever before as the gap between the capabilities of malicious cyber attackers and defenders is growing. We focus on root cause analysis and intellect to better emulate and counter real world adversaries. It is imperative that all systems are regularly tested to understand and remedy not just the vulnerabilities but also the root causes.

  • Network security assessment
  • Threat intelligence
  • Penetration testing of systems and networks
  • Software vulnerability assessment
  • Implementation and commissioning of Security Operation Centers
  • Cyber awareness training
  • Security officer enabling

Telecommunication Infrastructure Design & Consultancy
We increasingly rely on telecommunication technologies. From national critical infrastructure such as power plants and hospitals, to our social existence, we are more connected than ever before. Investing in robust fixed and mobile telecoms infrastructure with proper signaling protection and securing the air interface from non-registered and fake base stations, are examples of necessary protections.

  • Telecommunication GSM/UMTS/LTE/5G signal testing
  • Telecommunication infrastructure planning, design, and implementation
  • Satellite signals test system
  • Training

IT Network Infrastructure Design & Consultancy
Everyone now relies on technology for their day-to-day needs. Safety and security are of paramount importance, now more than ever, and businesses need to adopt trusted and reliable network infrastructure. Our team of consultants can work with you and design straightforward solutions incorporating network hardware and software technologies that encompass both the physical and virtual IT worlds.

  • Network forensic tools
  • Network infrastructure consulting, design, and implementation
  • Network security assessment
  • Training

Open Source & Social Media Analysis
OSINT has become vital in almost every form of application and is a key ability required to conduct reliable operations regardless of the domain challenge, be it foreign policy, policing, disaster management or economic development. By carefully filtering and analyzing all types of accessible and unclassified data collections, it is possible to transform this unstructured concent into usable and actionable fact- and data-based decision-making.

  • Use of open source and OSINT tools and understand how to reduce an overall threat to your organization
  • Identify and detect the flow of information leaking into social networks, forums and image-sharing sites

Forensics & Data Recovery
Combining digital forensics with information recovery techniques in one secure working environment ensures that customers have the capability to review material, previously thought unattainable, in a streamlined investigation process. This can be done by extracting data from all formats, computer systems as well as tracing the source of uploads using tested and approved methods. Through the successful repair of physically or logically damaged media devices, you will be able to facilitate further investigation of evidential data.

  • Forensic extraction, analysis and presentation of data held on computers, servers, networks, digital storage and mobile devices
  • Incident response recovery
  • Ensure the right tools and training are in place to manage, analyze, and protect their critical data, systems, and applications
  • Install cyber resilience system
  • Combined practical hands-on and theoretical training

Eliminating the threats posed by eavesdropping and establishing secure communications and facilities are the fundamentals of a TSCM team. Our professional services include turnkey TSCM solutions, training and consultancy enabling you to secure your facilities from all of threats, including cyber ones.

  • Carry out a full security review and assess your present security levels, management and understanding
  • Locate covert listening or eavesdropping devices, covert cameras and telephone tap/wiretaps
  • Discover and mitigate cross-border industrial espionage threats
  • Compile a full and comprehensive TSCM report on existing security practices and recommend how to upgrade security level